Nanopore sequencing of eel genome

Published on
June 30, 2017

A paper on nanopore sequencing of the eel genome by a consortium of partners lead by ZFScreens and including 5 EELRIC partners has just been accepted by Scientific Reports. Jansen et al. have sequenced the genome of the endangered European eel using the MinION by Oxford Nanopore, and assembled these data using a novel algorithm specifically designed for large eukaryotic genomes. For this 860 Mbp genome, the entire computational process takes two days on a single CPU. The resulting genome assembly significantly improves on a previous draft based on short reads only, both in terms of contiguity (N50 1.2 Mbp) and structural quality. This combination of affordable nanopore sequencing and light-weight assembly promises to make high-quality genomic resources accessible for many non-model plants and animals.